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Collaboration Finding you the right partners

handshakeMany of the R&D grants encourage collaboration and, with our extensive network of contacts, we can introduce you to suitable partners, who will bring strategic growth opportunities and useful expertise to your project.

Networking is our middle name – and if we don’t know someone who can help directly we know where to find them.

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It gets busy when you are working in R&D. We understand that, so once we know what your area of innovation is, we will spend time searching through our networks and attending relevant events to find the perfect potential collaborative partner for you. Someone who will bring those skills that will really add to your project team, or who may become a commercial partner, or an investor in the future.

Whether it is academic or commercial expertise you need, we know where to find the experts, the companies, inventors and Universities that are looking to work with you.


Excellent at networking and building effective relationships, ThinkInnovate are able to think outside the box and join the dots to take into consideration the wider strategic picture.

- Jamie Petrie, Creative Skillset