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UK & EU Grants Kick start the funding for your project and make it fly

telescopeThere are numerous grants available for R&D projects from the UK Government and European Union. These grants can help reduce the financial risk for your project and provide evidence of market need and technology potential to make the next stage easier to develop. Our experience in helping companies achieve funding has led to a success rate of well over 80%.

We can review your projects and suggest the suitable grants available as well as write the bids to give you a greater chance of a successful application.

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With new ESIF (ESF/ERDF), EU Horizon 2020, and ongoing funding for UK innovation, including funding from Innovate UK, now is a great time to start investigating potential funding for your project.

Our bid search service means you don’t need to spend hours trawling for funding opportunities.Check out our blog for the latest opportunities and announcements. If you are already one of our clients look out for our new funding alert service coming soon.

ThinkInnovate have an excellent understanding of the nuances of the fund raising process; where we had tried and previously failed, they helped us restructure and reposition our project unlocking rich streams of funding that would have been otherwise unavailable to us.

- Nick Allot - UbiApps