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Right from the initial idea, ThinkInnovate can help identify where the innovation opportunities lie, both within your organisation as a project and externally as a funding stream or potential commercial revenue generator.

Our team’s broad technology sector experience, means we have the expertise to understand what is innovative and cutting edge, can review the market and clearly outline what will be a step change in technology innovation.

We specialise in sourcing funding, bid-writing, R&D innovation project management and technology development services for businesses and organisations in the creative and digital industries. With our knowledge of available funding for R&D projects, we can advise which of your projects could be eligible for them.

We provide information workshops or 1 to 1 sessions to inform clients of grant and funding opportunities and advise them of the requirements for submitting successful bids.

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ThinkInnovate has been a real asset within our project, and were one of the main drivers behind our team winning a substantial government grant. Their knowledge into the inner working of government funding opportunities was extensive, and they led us well through the successful process. ThinkInnovate’s drive, management skills and business acumen were great contributors to the process as a whole, and I would whole heartedly recommend them in the future.

- Ran Merkasy, Senior Product Innovation Manager - Samsung