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R&D Tax Credits Simplifying the red tape

The UK Government provides generous tax breaks for research and development with up to 200% tax relief.

ThinkInnovate’s Senior Analyst Antony Stemp has achieved over £4m in tax refunds and tax credits over the past two years.

“I would urge anyone undertaking innovation with products, services, processes or software to contact us as it represents a great way to retrieve funds sunk into development over the past two financial years. We have really delighted clients with some of the claim results that have been achieved” says Antony Stemp.

falling moneyThe R & D Tax Credit Scheme has been running since 2004 for SME Companies.This scheme has recently been enhanced by the Coalition Government and has only had 9180 claims in the 2009-10 period. The rules have been tightened over the last couple of years but, with our tax experts, we can make sure that you maximise your tax credits, so you have nothing to lose.

Simply contact us to determine whether you qualify and let us handle your claim on a no win no fee basis.

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