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Recruitment Finding the right people for your project

blue menOur technical recruitment team specialises in finding the right people for your project. With our experience in R&D projects, we can advise and help you decide what are the best additions for the team, whether it’s a software developer with niche expertise, a sensor expert or someone who understands the ins and outs of mobile, autonomous systems or big data – if it relates to technology, we can find the right person.

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We love our role, we get to work with exciting, digitally savvy, innovative companies who are growing all the time.

Expertise in the world of digital and technology innovation, and a team who truly understand the unique needs of companies working in this space means we are well placed to help find the missing link, or the key appointment that will make a difference to your team and support your expansion plans.

For temporary, permanent or contract roles, we can help.

Our recruitment team are Level 1 (top level) suppliers of temporary staff to IBM in the IT sector.


Without ThinkInnovate’s help finding developers fast, we would not have got our project off the ground.

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