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Technical Development Providing a development team

Our technical assurance team have been developing technology solutions for many years, working with enterprise and blue chip clients for the UK and Europe to realise complex software and hardware solutions.

As advocates of open source solutions we have contributed to a number of projects over the past few years.

Our in house team have a keen interest in development processes and practices using a mix of technology and programming languages to support development of software.

So whether it is a swat team, skunkworks approach or simply a bit of consultancy you need we can help.

Technical DevelopmentWe have an experienced and diverse in-house tech team on hand to assess the technical viability of your idea, evaluate the project’s level of innovation, contribute to competing technologies reports as part of a market assessment and offer solutions to your technology challenges.

We offer a direct collaborative partnership where our technical team can assist in delivering an innovation project from concept to delivery through their R&D and software development expertise.

Our team is experienced in developing innovative projects, (we have several innovations of our own) and, with access to various university computing departments, we can add that little extra to the project.

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Having the expertise of a top academic computer scientist as part of ThinkInnovate’s contribution to our technical team really made a difference to how far we were able to go with all three of our funded projects. Each of the projects were very different, but the additional expertise gave us the ability to solve complex hardware and middleware issues, prepare complex technical reports and proved to be an invaluable resource.

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