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Who we are The team at ThinkInnovate

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ThinkInnovate is a vastly experienced and knowledgeable strategic development consultancy group based in London.

We specialise in innovative project and technology development in the creative and digital industries.

We assist in identifying and developing revenue streams and funding, and can help run projects in order to fully commercialise innovation, drive exploitation, identify routes to market and maximise potential revenue streams.

We also support our clients’ business development by assisting them in building collaborative relationships, brokering partnerships with relevant third parties from VC’s and Angels to relevant experts, Blue Chip or specialist, who can help move an idea into a relevant market.

We also play to our own strengths and run several R&D projects of our own.

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What we do well:

– Assisting our clients in identifying and accessing a range of funding from a variety of sources with a very high success rate (well over 80%) for achieving funding and a large number of successfully delivered projects, supported in one way or another by our team.

– We take the pain out of the process with our in depth experience and understanding of the funding, technology needs and project delivery process that our clients face, running projects on their behalf if necessary and providing whatever resources are required to ensure success including finding further funding if needed.

– We build strong working relationships with our clients and believe in creating lasting and collaborative business relationships with them.